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Dedicated to the preservation of carriage driving, fox hunting, and heritage breed farm animals.
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Carriage Driving

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Carriage driving is the oldest equestrian discipline whereby humans hitch horses to various two or four wheeled vehicles. It involves a great deal of skill to navigate one or more horses without mishap in a more sportive way. At High Meadow Manor, we have ten horses that drive in varying configurations from single horse to 4-in-hand. We have numerous presentation and marathon carriages, a 125 ft by 250 ft indoor arena, as well as over 12 miles of carriage roads through fields, streams, woods, hills, and even a covered bridge. To further the preservation of Carriage Driving, High Meadow Manor offers driving instruction for both driver and horse.

Fox Hunting


Fox hunting is the chasing of foxes by men and women on horseback with the assistance of hounds-- only chasing the fox-- never catching or killing the fox--they are far too sly to be caught! In the past, it was a sport for the upper class. Today, it is an excuse for equine enthusiasts to ride across the beautiful Virginia countryside! High Meadow supports this sport in an effort to preserve the tradition and provides The Old Dominion Hounds access to its 1,300+ acres for the enjoyment of all. To further the preservation of Fox Hunting, High Meadow Manor offers horseback riding instruction for both children and adults.

Heritage Breed Farm Animals


Heritage breed refers to those farm animals that were common breeds of livestock during colonial times. In today's world, farm animals have been created that supersize in weeks for meat production or produce gallons and gallons of milk per day, etc. Heritage breed farm animals are those that remain genetically unaltered, and because they are less "productive," have dwindled in numbers and therefor have been placed on the Livestock Conservancy List. Traditionally, these historic breeds retain essential attributes for survival and self-sufficiency - fertility, foraging ability, longevity, maternal instincts, ability to mate naturally, and resistance to diseases and parasites. To further the preservation of Heritage Breed Farm Animals, High Meadow Manor has procured several of the breeds and provides them with a natural environment in which to thrive.